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استاذ جامعي او خبير في اختصاص تقني في التخصصات التالية : الاعلام الآلي، البرمجة، الذكاء الاصطناعي ، التواصل ، التعليم العالي و البحث الأكاديمي. 

 طلبة معهد التعلم بدون حدود بحاجة لخبرتك و مهاراتك. نرجو منك ان تنضم للفريق عبر ملأ الاستمارة اسفله. 

Limitless Learning Instructors 

Dr. Saoussen Cheddadi

Higher education expert and DE&I advocate

Dr. Mourad Bouache

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Seif Hateb | Cybersecurity

Security Architect with more than a decade of experience in designing, testing, and implementing leading-edge security solutions while balancing security initiatives to risks, business operations, and innovations.

Specialties include cloud and application security architecture, Telco and ICS security, cryptography, and data protection, with extensive experience in the Telecommunications (Huawei, Ooredoo, and Twilio) and Healthcare industries (Abbott Laboratories). 

Dr. Siham Rouabeh | English

Siham holds an MA in TEFL from the University of Batna 1, Algeria. She has a PhD in Sociolinguistics from the University of Essex, UK. She has lectured in English Linguistics at both universities in Algeria and the UK, and she is currently teaching at Ibn Haldun University in Turkey. She also holds a Cambridge CELTA certificate for teaching English as a second/foreign language from the UK. Since 2013, she has been teaching English to different international students across the world. 

Her main research interests are language change, language ideologies, policies and planning, multilingualism and education, gender issues, media discourse analysis, minorities, identity and nationalism, and the sociology of immigration. She has published in a number of journals including The British Academy and the International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Her most recent presentations have been on the topics of motivation in blended learning, critical thinking, academic writing, and gamification in EFL classrooms.

Dr. Mohamed Abbas Hedjazi | Python and Data Science

Hedjazi Mohamed Abbas: Has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and computer vision from Gebze Technical University, Turkey (2021). Currently, He is a research and development engineer at Cliris, Paris. During my graduate studies, I gained a lot of expertise in machine and deep learning to solve various computer vision problems (object recognition, detection, localization, and generative AI). In addition to the dissertation research, working in the industry improved skills,  he developed an efficient deep-learning models for real-world applications. Also, Mohamed is a teaching assistant for the ML course at the university of Renewable Energies, Batna. He helps students with their projects and assignments. He presents tutorials and lab sessions to improve students' programming skills in Python.

Dr. Amine Abdaoui | AI and NLP 

Dr Amine Abdaoui received an engineering degree from the National Computing Engineering school (ESI ex. INI) in 2013 and a PhD from Montpellier University in 2016. His main research focus is in Natural Language Understanding. He co-authored several scientific publications, released useful open source tools and resources and took part of several NLP projects in both accademia and industry. He is currently a Senior Applied Scientist at Oracle working on the Oracle Digital Assistant.  

Dr. Amina Douidi | English 

Dr Amina Douidi is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Intercultural Communication consultant in English Language Teaching (ELT). 

She holds a PhD in Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics from the University of Southampton (UK), and a joint MA in ELT from Tlemcen University (Algeria) and University of Balearic Islands (Spain). She is a DEI reviewer for ELT publishers and teaches pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at UK Higher Education institutions. She is an associate Fellow of AdvanceHE and acts as co-editor of the TESOL ICIS newsletter championing contributions of teachers and researchers from the Global Majority. 

Dr. Rachida Labbas | English 

Rachida holds a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Technology from Washington State University, U.S.A. She has a master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Abu Bekr Belkaid University,Algeria. She has a long experience teaching English as a second language both in Algeria and overseas. She currently teaches ESL courses at Ohio State University, U.S.A. Her research interests are focused on how epistemic beliefs shape teachers' practices, how technology is used in ESL curriculum, and intensive reading and writing in ESL. She has experience in curriculum and assessment, has presented at many ESL conferences, and has also published scholarly articles in Education.  

Hadjer Benmeziane | AI, DL 

Sofiane Ouaari | TA AI/ML 

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