Build an Artificial Intelligence Center

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to add more to global GDP by 2030 than the current output of China and India, combined.

AI, Today an Innovation Tomorrow a Necessity

Our world renown AI expert will help you build an AI excellence center for Universities, companies, research labs and institutions.

We are collaborating with Startup to build the AI Center for your institution or university.

Algeria.AI : Startup based in the Silicon valley California

The challenge is to efficiently collect, analyze, and visualize masses of data from highly diverse and distributed sources to create operational insight and business value.

Mission: To build AI solutions and products

  1. Algeria & International: Silicon Valley + World

  2. Developers, Students, Instructors and Startups

  3. Learn, Teach, develop and Share

The steps for building an AI center. If interested to start the project building your first AI center. Please schedule a free 30 min consultation

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