Why Limitless Learning?

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Who we are?

Our team of qualified experts is comprised of professionals in academia and business with years of experience.

Co-founder and Academic director, Dr. Saoussen Cheddadi, is an experienced higher education consultant. She has a PhD and an MA in American and International studies from the University of Kansas, USA. She also has an MA and BA in American civilization as well as a BS in Business and Marketing from the University of Constantine in Algeria. She taught several courses both on-site and remotely at the University of Kansas and other institutions. She is an expert in both Blackboard and Moodle e-learning platforms. She is a strong advocate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is passionate about bringing quality education to the underprivileged  especially in the global south.

What do we do?

Limitless Learning, The Algerian Institute of Professional Skills, is an e-learning platform which provides professionals, students, companies and universities in Algeria with world class hands on training in the fields of technology, communication and diversity and inclusion. The purpose of Limitless Learning is to build a solid ecosystem in Algeria which will prepare Algerian students and professionals for the increasingly competitive and innovative global market.


What makes us different?

We offer world class higher education adapted for the needs of the Algerian market. Our educational content is designed with the Algerian linguistic and cultural context in mind. While our training is essentially in English, it is specifically geared towards Algerian students and professionals to make sure the learning outcomes are met by the end of the training. We use innovative pedagogy and adaptive learning which differ from traditional teaching and which put the learners and their progress at the center. 

Dr. Saoussen Cheddadi