Careers in the U.S.

After a decade of experience in the Silicon Valley as an expert in Artificial Intelligence and beyond, Limitless Learning co-founder Dr. Mourad Bouache will help you expand your horizon and land a job in the U.S. Dr. Bouache has done over 200 interviews with the largest companies in the world: Yahoo!, Apple, Facebook. Google, Oracle, Intel, Amazon...etc

Our career services help new graduates, students and established professionals understand the U.S. job market. We show you how you can channel your unique skills and degrees into successful applications

  • Crush your coding interview: Our expert will teach the ins and outs as well as the steps to pass your programming interview in world class companies and startups

  • System design skills: We help you go beyond your coding interview with great tips for system design

  • Remote work: Make money using your skills through marketplace platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.

  • Career tips: The most common question people have is where to start? we help you map out your career objectives and the steps you need to take in order to succeed

  • Resume writing: Each country has its own standards when it comes to resume writing. The U.S. model is no exception and having the right tools to write your resume is essential

  • Mock interviews: We will coach you to tighten your interview skills and resume so you can land your dream job