AI for Healthcare

5 weeks intensive

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What is it?

Embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and healthcare with our comprehensive course through our online ”Crash Course in AI for Healthcare” where multiple axes and angles of applying and developing AI-driven solutions in medicine and healthcare systems will be explored.

Healthcare data is known to be diverse, represented under various formats and modalities,

high-dimensional and imbalanced. Throughout this advanced 100% practical course, different pipelines behind implementing machine learning models depending on the data format will be tackled and covered in detail.

Time Commitment 

Time spent on class material can vary from student to student, but as a general rule, plan on spending at least 4 hours online each week (online session), plus 4-6 hours of work outside of class on readings and assignments in addition to interactive Q&A sessions.

What are the course  objectives?

● Learn how to preprocess different types of medical data.

● Learn how to find the best machine learning model and deploy it for a given medical diagnosis task.

● Learn about interacting with molecules, gene expression and protein sequences in Python.

● Learn how to create interactive and automated data-oriented medical web applications.

● Learn how to preprocess medical images and build deep learning models on top of them.

● Learn how to interpret machine learning models

Skills You’ll Gain

● Python, Pandas, sklearn, Eli5, Keras, OpenCV, RDKit, BioPython. 

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