Cybersecurity Foundations

8 weeks

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The demand for professionals with cybersecurity expertise mirrors the steep rise in cybercrime worldwide. Organizations across industries are investing heavily in cybersecurity solutions, along with recruiting professionals who are skilled in this area of expertise.

What is it?

An 8 weeks Cybersecurity Foundations course which offers a holistic view of the knowledge and skills necessary to get started in cybersecurity and work on securing computer networks and protecting them against cyberattacks. Students will learn about different security tools, technologies, and methods, as well as how to use and manage them in the real world.

What are the course objectives?

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How much does it cost?

Learn Cybersecurity foundations Online in 8 weeks

Limitless Learning Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program that takes a multidisciplinary approach to attain proficiency in IT, networking and modern information security, throughout the course of 8 intensive weeks. 

Is a Cybersecurity Bootcamp Right for you?

If you are eager to become a digital defender and learn how to keep data safe from prying eyes, or if any of the below describe you, enrolling in this program could help put you on the path to achieving your goals:

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