Data Science

4 weeks intensive

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What is it?

Data analysis is crucial in effectively conveying information and insights derived from data to various audiences, ranging from decision-makers to the general public. Presenting data in a visually appealing and structured manner makes it easier for people to comprehend complex information. 

Well-designed charts, graphs, and visuals help individuals grasp patterns, trends, and relationships within the data more quickly than raw numbers or text alone. Data science allows you to tell a compelling story with data, especially that data is considered the oil of the 21st century since it

is generated every time and everywhere in different formats (tables, texts, images, audio, multimodal etc...).

In our 100% practical and data-flavored course, we will learn and tackle multiple axes and concepts related to the world of data, from harvesting it, collecting it, cleaning it, exploring it, withdrawing business insights from it to dynamically visualize it and creating a dynamic application out of it.

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