Deep Learning

8 weeks intensive

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What is it?

For 8 intensive weeks, Embark on a deep dive into the world of neural networks and their profound applications. This course is tailored for individuals looking to grasp the concepts of deep learning and harness its power for complex tasks and projects. During the course, we will discover how deep learning is applied on different data types. You will build models, train them and deploy them on a small web application. 

What are the course objectives?


Building on the foundation of our advanced machine learning course, the deep learning segment requires knowledge of machine learning modeling. The students will use the Python programming language on Google Colaboratory. Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or Pytorch will be advantageous. 

What is the course schedule?

The course spans 8 weeks with +4hrs of engaging content per week, including lectures, hands-on labs, and interactive sessions. Students will also have tasks and assignments during each week to which they need to assign a minimum of 15 hrs a week. 

How much does it cost?

At the end of the training, students will receive a Limitless Learning certificate of completion. 

Who is the Instructor?

Projects & Hands-ons