Python Programming

4 weeks intensive

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What is it?

Python is a strong general purpose multi-paradigm programming language with a huge community supporting it, using it and constantly improving it worldwide. Whether it is in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Large Language Models, Database management, Web scraping and even web development, Python is omnipresent in various research and industrial applications due to its high flexibility and constant development and updates following an on-going exponential trend. 

Throughout this course you will acquire a solid and strong base in Python programming, we will explore the different features present in Python from variables, conditions, loops, functions/methods , object-oriented programming to text processing using an industrial example to implementing a game design/setup. 

Time Commitment 

Time spent on class material can vary from student to student, but as a general rule, plan on spending at least 4 hours online each week (online session), plus 4-6 hours of work outside of class on readings and assignments in addition to interactive Q&A sessions.

What are the course  objectives?

● Understand the different programming environments needed while programming in Python from IDEs to notebooks. 

● Learn about variables and data structures and how to implement them in Python. 

● Learn about conditions and loops in Python. 

● Learn about implementing functions/methods in Python

● Understand more advanced data structures within a specific use case in Python. 

Go through all the features available in the Object-Oriented Programming paradigm and implement them in Python. 

Learn about all the steps used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) from loading the text, cleaning it to turning it into tokens by leveraging Python and the “nltk” library. 

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