Reimagine Learning and Teaching 

The curriculum at Limitless Learning is designed to give learners both the knowledge they need to move forward in their careers and experience applying that knowledge to real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a field in data science and in computer science and it's the field that focuses on techniques that allow computers to do things typically done by humans like play a game of Go or classify photos, or evaluate MRIs, and it's usually done in a way that shows adaptability to new circumstances or it shows intelligence and flexibility in responding to the data that's coming in.

Python programming and Python for Data Science

From business, to healthcare, to research, data science is transforming the modern landscape by providing insights that have never been available to us before. With a Python Scientific Stack, can easily and effectively begin mining data. Students and professionals don't have to be an expert level programmer or mathematician to get great results combining Python programming skills with the Artificial intelligence magic to build great projects solving big data problems. 

Communication Foundations

This Communication Foundations course teaches the foundations and practices in communication to

The course focuses on effective communication and understanding in academia and industry settings alike. This course will lay the foundations that all students and aspiring professionals should be equipped with


Academic Research & Writing

This course preparing learners for writing college level papers, theses/dissertations, academic articles, conference proposals, conference posters, book chapters, and technical reports. The course is for intermediate ESL students. Class discussion focuses on the development of clear, interesting, and rigorous writing. We talk about finding research questions, narrowing the research topic, the construction of logical arguments, the reporting and interpretation of data, as well as other important concepts including plagiarism, tone, and strategies useful for redrafting and editing. Students receive detailed feedback on their writing through class activities as well as individual conferencing throughout the course. During all editing and redrafting activities, attention is given to the structure and logic of the author's argument.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in 21st Century Algeria

This course teaches the foundations of DE&I and how to cultivate inclusion and belonging within academic and organizational settings.  This course takes into consideration the Algerian context which differs from the current DE&I efforts implemented in U.S. settings. The goal is to effectively maximize diversity and inclusion and manage talent in a rapidly evolving global marketplace, while fostering understanding and debunking myths currently present in the Algerian work environment. Limitless Learning provides you the tools and skills a to maximize diversity and inclusion at your academic, government or industry institution. Students and professionals will learn different approaches and strategies to DE&I, as well as unify and educate through teaching that is rooted in facts and theory.


The internet has now become an essential service, as necessary for our lives as power and water. However, it has also generated new forms of electronic disruption and crime, which affects governments, industry, and individuals. From a means of protecting computers against simple vandalism, cybersecurity has become a key defense against organized cybercrime and state-sponsored cyber espionage and warfare. 

Intel AI Developer Program

All learners will receive the Intel AI Developer Program Certificate at the end of the AI track

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